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Galaxy Note 10 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

The Galaxy Note 10 is here. You want to upgrade, but you're worried. Your phones always seem to end up resembling your face: ugly, worn-down, covered in inexplicable scratches. It's a valid concern, but it's also avoidable. How, you ask? With our Galaxy Note 10 skins, of course. But wait... how can you be sure a Note 10 skin will protect your device from fingerprints, scuffs and scratches? Simple: our Note 10 wraps are world-class. Let's start with the vinyl: one M isn't enough. Two Ms? Don't make us laugh. 3M vinyl. You know what it is. 3M engineers the highest caliber vinyl on the planet - and it's the sole ingredient in every Note 10 skin we produce. "That's all good, but will the skin damage my Note 10 if I take it off?" Great question, peasant. The patented adhesive in every Note 10 skin we make is guaranteed to leave zero adhesive goo behind. You'll be so impressed that you'll immediately buy a replacement. In fact, you'll buy ten.

Unrivaled Precision

Wondering how precise our Galaxy Note 10 skins are? Good. You should be. If there's one thing we care about, it's taking your money. If there's two things we care about, it’s taking your money and offering the most precise fit on earth™ for your Note 10 skin. Imagine a chef at a restaurant. One of those fancy ones that has three Michelin Stars. The world renowned chef you’re picturing only uses the highest-quality ingredients. Can you imagine him screwing up the cut of the meat? Of course not. Our reputation in the realm of phone customization - Note 10 skins included - is like that of a decorated Michelin Star restaurant. We just use vinyl instead of meat. Or do we? Only one way to find out - buy some Galaxy Note 10 skins and eat them. (Side-note - our lawyers are telling us to tell you to tell your lawyers to tell you to tell us to tell you not to eat them.)

Unlimited Customization

Still with us? You made the right choice. Now it's time to figure out how exactly you want to customize your Note 10 skin kit. We know, we know - there are a lot of options. Arguably too many. That's why we designed a world-class, industry-leading skin customization tool. Whether it's White Carbon, Hyperblack Titanium or Black Swarm, you're bound to find a Note 10 skin to lighten your wallet. Plus, you can try out different Camera skins for further customization. You can spend hours mixing and matching different looks for your Note 10 skins. You'll spend so long customizing that you'll be late for work. You'll get fired. It won't matter, because your Galaxy Note 10 wrap will look amazing. Then you'll realize you're hooked on dbrand. You'll need a new job to buy more Note 10 skins.

Our Mission

You're completely sold on our Galaxy Note 10 skins - we can tell. You don't want to buy one. You want to buy twenty. You're dying to join the dbrand culture. Don't die yet - we need your money first. How do you give it to us? It starts when you hit the checkout button. You'll be greeted by a secure payment gateway - one free of hidden fees and taxes. Of course, you probably selected expedited FedEx shipping because you couldn't wait another minute for your Note 10 skins. Perhaps you even qualified for free shipping because your order was over $25. Once the package is in your hands, you can tear it open and marvel at your new Note 10 skins. Applying them will be easy with the help of our industry-leading installation tutorial videos. In no time, your Note 10 will be dbranded. You’ll be hooked. It'll be just a matter of time before you dbrand all of your devices. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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