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Galaxy Note 10 Lite Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite because you want to use an S Pen but don't have enough money for a real Note 10. You might even be one of the dinosaurs who will make use of the 3.5mm port. Now, you might not have Note 10 money, but you've at least got enough for Note 10 Lite skins... and we want to take it away from you. How do we do that? By selling you on the premium materials our Note 10 Lite skins are produced with, naturally. Here's the pitch: every dbrand Note 10 Lite skin is made exclusively from authentic 3M vinyl. That means our Note 10 Lite skins are true-textured and only 0.23mm thin - perfect fits for a phone that's glossy, slippery, and way bigger than the "Lite" moniker suggests. The best part? The patented adhesive on every Galaxy Note 10 Lite skin means they can be removed cleanly and with ease - kind of like how we're about to remove the money from your wallet.

Unrivaled Precision

When it comes to perfect Galaxy Note 10 Lite skins, it takes more than just quality materials. For instance, your brand-new Note 10 Lite wrap needs to fit flawlessly as well. Worry not, peasant: dbrand's reputation in the realm of precision is nothing short of legendary. Since 2011, we've honed our craft and devoted all of our energy to the pursuit of perfection. We've achieved it many times over - our Note 10 Lite skins are just the latest result. Once they were complete, we were torn: one part of us didn't even want to sell them. It felt like these skins belong in a museum, or an art gallery. Every other part of us? They felt like these Note 10 Lite skins belong on the back of your phone - especially since that means you'll pay us for the privilege. We took that one other part of us and disposed of it. We're all-in on selling Note 10 Lite skins now. You're all-in on buying them. Let's make a deal.

Unlimited Customization

We hope you came to this webpage prepared to deal with the huge variety of Note 10 Lite skins we sell. If you aren't, go ahead and click the "Back" button. You'll be ready one day. Everyone else? Check out our famous build-it-yourself Note 10 Lite skin customizer at the top of the page. Not only will you be able to select from over 35 different Note 10 Lite skin materials, you can even individually customize the Back and Camera to further personalize your device. Whether you're flying high with Blue and Matte White or hitting rock bottom with Concrete, you're guaranteed to find the combination that will seal this deal. If you're having trouble choosing, you're indecisive and weak. Still, here's a tip: just cover the whole thing in Black Swarm and call it a day. That's what it's there for. Once you've picked out your Note 10 Lite skins, just hit the Buy button. That's where it all starts.

Our Mission

Buying Note 10 Lite skins from dbrand isn't just where it starts... it's also where it ends. It's the start of the best purchase experience of your life: on top of our top-of-the-line shipping options (including free tracked shipping worldwide on orders over $25), you'll be getting the best customer support in the industry via email and through our helpful installation tutorial videos. You might get lucky and receive one of our infamous post-it note drawings. Maybe we'll find you on Twitter and retweet your skin installation. These are all things that will start. As for what ends? That's simple - it's the end of your life before dbrand. Everything changes once you click that button. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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