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Redmi K20 Pro Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You purchased a Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro. Rather, you hope you did. After all, Xiaomi's product lines can be confusing. Rest assured: we spent several weeks figuring it out so that we could offer the world's finest Redmi K20 Pro skins. You must think we sound confident. Why wouldn't we be confident when using the highest-quality materials? All of our K20 Pro wraps are manufactured using vinyl sourced directly from 3M. They produce the best vinyl in the world, and even provide dbrand-exclusive materials like Black Swarm. Our exclusive usage of 3M vinyl also guarantees that every Redmi K20 Pro skin we ship will provide the most texture and scratch protection that money can buy. Lastly, the patented adhesive on every dbrand K20 Pro skin guarantees you won't see any gunky residue upon removal. Know what that means? You can swap in a new K20 Pro skin whenever you want. It's time to stock up. Buy a bunch. It'll be the best purchase you've ever made.

Unrivaled Precision

At dbrand, "precision" is something we take seriously. Like, more seriously than the words "civility," "integrity," or "legal action." In fact, we're extremely confident that you won't find a better-fitting K20 Pro skin - anywhere. Consider that every single one of our Redmi K20 Pro wraps is cut down to a hundredth of a millimeter, to ensure a perfect fit. Trust us: precision is what determines whether your K20 Pro skin looks like a cheap sticker, or a factory-custom Xiaomi. We're not interested in selling cheap stickers - we're here to sell flawless Redmi K20 Pro skins. You know, the sort of K20 Pro skin that will dazzle and amaze your impressionable friends. They'll be so blown away by our K20 Pro wraps that they'll buy their own.

Unlimited Customization

Perhaps you've got a Carbon Black Redmi K20 Pro and want to spice up the look of your phone. Maybe they were sold out of Carbon Black, so you bought a Glacier Blue or Flame Red version. Now, you wish your phone didn't look like a mid-2000s forum signature. Whatever the case, we've got several options for you. Get tactical with either Green Camo or Black Camo. Change the carbon fiber weave on your Xiaomi with any of our Carbon options. Want your phone to look like it's made of marble? If you want to look richer than you are, we won't judge - we'll sell you White Marble K20 Pro skins. Scroll back up and check out the revolutionary skin customization tool at the top of this page. It provides a perfect preview of how incredible your phone is going to look with K20 Pro skins applied. If you want that look for yourself, you know what to do. It begins with adding some Redmi K20 Pro skins to your cart.

Our Mission

If it begins with adding Redmi K20 Pro skins to your cart, then where does it end? What is "it"? These are two excellent questions. We're glad we asked them. You'll get answers in a minute. Before that, we want to talk about our checkout process. Once you've added your K20 Pro skins to your cart, you'll be visiting our secure payment gateway. No hidden fees or taxes to worry about. Then, you'll select your preferred shipping method. Would you like your order to arrive soon, or sooner? In the former case, great news: free tracked shipping, worldwide, for orders over $25. It's pretty fast. Even speedier, though, is FedEx expedited shipping. Select that option if you just can't wait another minute for your K20 Pro skins. So, back to those questions from earlier: it begins with you adding K20 Pro skins to your cart, and it ends with you following one of our industry-leading tutorial videos for a perfect installation. It ends with you receiving the best customer service on the planet. It ends with you becoming a lifelong brand ambassador for dbrand. What is "it"? The answer is right there in our trademark. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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