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Razer Phone 2 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

You’re finally ready to take control of your destiny with the all new Razer Phone 2. But wait, all that time spent gaming is giving you sweaty palms and leaving the glass back of your Razer Phone 2 loaded with fingerprints. Let’s face it, you’re here because you know that dbrand has a solution to all of life’s problems. Our Razer Phone 2 skins are not only the hottest pieces of vinyl known to humans and robots alike, they also protect your phone from scratches and fingerprints. We’re the industry leaders in premium vinyl skins and we work with 3M exclusively to bring you a huge variety of designs to choose from. The dbrand R&D department has worked around the clock to ensure the most precise cut and fit for your Razer Phone 2 skin. We know that you demand perfection out of your products, and we’re no different. From the time you select and customize your Razer Phone 2 skin to the time you receive it in the mail, we painstakingly go through every detail to ensure that your Razer Phone 2 wrap will exceed all expectations.

Unrivaled Precision

We only offer Razer Phone 2 skins with The most precise fit on earth™ (yes… it’s trademarked).. At dbrand, we know that a precise fit is the only way to make your phone look truly customized. Since 2011, dbrand’s manufacturing robots have been using their proprietary prototyping process to get the perfect fit for you greasy humans. It’s the reason you won’t even be able to tell that there’s a skin on your Razer Phone 2. Our secret sauce lies within the prototyping process. Our goal is to confuse people… confuse them into thinking that dbrand Razer Phone 2 skins come factory installed on your device. After all, our skins offer The most precise fit on Earth™.

Unlimited Customization

What’s the point of only having a few Razer Phone 2 skins to choose from? You came to dbrand because you want to make your Razer Phone 2 skin unique to you. That’s why we offer a visual customization tool to give you a hyper-realistic look at your future Razer Phone 2 skin. We’ve been refining our technology since 2011, ensuring that the multitude of Razer Phone 2 skins you preview on our site match exactly what you receive in the mail. Take a trip down the rabbit hole and browse our endless customization options for your new Razer Phone 2. While you’re there, don’t forget that the dbrand skin customization tool lets you pick unique materials for all sections of your Razer Phone 2, from the Camera to the Back - without a cutout for that clean aesthetic, or with a full Razer logo cutout to show off that RGB insanity. Whether you want to skin your Razer Phone 2 in Black Camo to make it seem like you’re a pro PUBG player, or Red Dragon and pretend you’re immersed in the world of Final Fantasy, we’ve got you covered.

Our Mission

At dbrand, we are unrivaled in our user experience. See that price beside your Razer Phone 2 skin? It’s inclusive of all taxes. Want free shipping? Just spend over $25 and get hooked up with free shipping. Literally can’t wait to get those sweet Razer Phone 2 skins on your device? Simply select FedEx Express at check out and get your skin delivered in as little as 24 hours. Whether you’re new to dbrand or one of our long-standing customers, our how-to-apply tutorial videos make the process of installing your new Razer Phone 2 seamless. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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