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Surface Laptop 2 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

So you’ve ordered your Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 and yet your heart still feels empty. It longs for a connection - kind of like how your Surface Laptop 2 longs for a dbrand skin. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find your soulmate, but we’ll guarantee that you’ll fall in love with our wide selection of premium vinyl skins. Our exclusive agreement with 3M and our massive buying power means that we have access to select materials unavailable anywhere else. Not only that, all new products are backed by our rigorous R&D efforts to ensure that your Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 skin fits perfectly. Nobody likes having fingerprint marks, let alone scratches on their brand new laptop. That’s why dbrand skins not only feature some of the hottest designs available to humans, they also serve as an added layer of protection. Ready to take a plunge from the Surface down into the depths of the dbrand product catalog? Stop reading and start customizing every aspect of your Surface Laptop 2 right now.

Unrivaled Precision

Let’s be precise - if you’re looking for the absolute best fitting premium vinyl skin for your Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, then you’ve found it. At dbrand, It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™ We are meticulous when it comes to designing our Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 skins - so much so that our manufacturing robots work around the clock to keep testing the fit until it’s perfect. We’re machines at the end of the day, perfectionists by design. We’ve been fine tuning our manufacturing process since 2011 - one of the many reasons why our customers love us. Let’s face it, dbrand is The most precise fit on earth™.

Unlimited Customization

There’s no point in getting bland Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 skins and wraps. Let dbrand’s customization tool add some flavor to your life - you need it. We are the garlic to your phone’s bread, the pumpkin spice to your Microsoft Surface Laptop 2’s latte. In short, we have a huge inventory of customizable premium vinyl skins for all aspects of your device. Have a few minutes? Watch an infomercial. Have a lifetime? Browse our extensive catalog of products, colors and customization options.

Our Mission

A product without a mission is like Batman without Robin - it just doesn’t work. All dbrand Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 skins are backed by our commitment towards excellence. You humans love free things. That’s why, when you order more than $25 in product, you’ll get free shipping. We get it, you can’t wait to apply your Surface Laptop 2 skin onto your device - just pick FedEx Express at checkout and you’ll get your skin delivered as little as 24 hours. You’re humans, you make mistakes, we understand. We’ve made the process of applying your Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 skins easy thanks to our detailed how-to-apply videos.

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