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JUUL C1 Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

With the advent of the JUUL C1, you're gaining new and terrifying insights into your nicotine consumption habits. If only you could stare at something else to distract yourself... by admiring your JUUL instead. That's where our JUUL C1 skins come in. Not only do dbrand's JUUL C1 skins offer an unprecedented amount of customization for your always-connected nicotine delivery system, they also provide some sorely-needed texture and grip. We accomplish this by using the highest quality 3M vinyl when producing our JUUL C1 wraps. 3M has been a valuable partner since we opened in 2011. In 2019, as the world's leading manufacturer of JUUL C1 skins, our relationship with 3M is stronger than ever - our massive purchasing power even enables us to offer dbrand-exclusive materials like Black Swarm. What's more: our patented adhesive means you can swap JUUL C1 skins without fear of adhesive residue. What are you waiting for?

Unrivaled Precision

Yes, of course - you must be waiting to hear about the precision of our JUUL C1 skins. Wait no more - there's nothing we'd rather talk about than precision. You see, precision is a lot more than an empty marketing term here at dbrand. If we slept, it would be our reason to get up in the morning. Know what a poorly-fitting JUUL C1 skin and a decently-fitting JUUL C1 skin have in common? Two things: they're not flawless, and they're not sold by dbrand. We only sell perfectly-fitting JUUL C1 skins. This exacting level of precision is made possible by our proprietary R&D process, honed to perfection since 2011. We've gone through hundreds of prototype JUUL C1 skins to arrive at the final version you're about to buy, so you can rest assured that the JUUL C1 skin you receive is a perfect fit. That's a guarantee.

Unlimited Customization

Whether you're on your first drag of the day or your thousandth, you want your JUUL C1 skin to impress everybody nearby. That way, they're less likely to complain about the vapor you're spewing in their direction. That's why we offer over 30 different flavors of customization for your JUUL C1 skin. That's 7.5x more flavors than you can get for JUULpods - what are they doing over there? Whether it's Black Camo, Titanium or White Carbon, you're guaranteed to find the JUUL C1 skin that will let you stand out from the pack. Fall even further down the customization rabbit hole by getting a JUUL charger skin with your order - you'll find it all right at the top of the page, in our state-of-the-art skin customization tool. Spend a few hours carefully weighing your options. When you're ready to buy them all at once, we'll see you at checkout.

Our Mission

Now that we've sold you on our premium materials, our unmatched precision, and our unlimited customization, you're ready to take the plunge on a JUUL C1 skin. What awaits you from here? Once you've placed your order in your cart, you'll be greeted by our secure payment gateway. Then, you'll choose a shipping method. Good news: shipping's free on orders over $25. Can't wait another minute for your JUUL C1 skin? Do you want expedited shipping via FedEx, receiving your order in as little as 24 hours? Of course you do. Once you've placed your order, you're well on your way to becoming a certified member of the dbrand faithful. You'll spend all your money on dbrand, and not have any left for JUULpods. You'll kick your nicotine habit out of necessity, and replace it with a new one. Congratulations.

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