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Huawei P40 Pro Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

If you're the sort of person buying a Huawei P40 Pro in 2020, despite the lack of Google Mobile Services, there's only one conclusion: you're a Huawei dead-ender. Your brand loyalty can't be measured by conventional means. In other words, you're the exact sort of person who will buy P40 Pro skins, recognize their excellence, and become a die-hard brand loyalist for us, as well. The pitch starts here: our P40 Pro skins are made from 100% authentic 3M vinyl. That's the highest quality vinyl on the planet, and it's what you'll get with dbrand's P40 Pro wraps. If our P40 Pro skins were "merely" durable, true-textured, and 0.23mm thin, they'd already be an easy sell. dbrand never settles for "merely." That's why our P40 Pro skins also use a patented adhesive - that means your P40 Pro will have as much leftover gooey residue as it does Google apps.

Unrivaled Precision

Sure, our P40 Pro skins are made from high-quality materials. That's great - but hardly enough to produce lifelong brand advocacy. What elevates dbrand's P40 Pro skins above the rest of the pack? The answer, dear Huawei Superfan, is precision. Not your garden-variety precision, either. We're talking precision on a near-atomic level. If we made one sale for every fraction of a millimeter we've measured to ensure perfectly-fitting P40 Pro wraps, we'd sell a thousand. We're going to sell more than a thousand P40 Pro skins, of course - we just aren't sure you can comprehend how tiny a thousandth of a millimeter is. After all, you're not a professional measurement-taker - you're a prospective P40 Pro skin buyer. This is the level of precision that dbrand's cultish following has grown to expect since we opened up shop in 2011. Once you've bought some P40 Pro skins, you'll be expecting the very same.

Unlimited Customization

As a P40 Pro owner, it's fair to say you care about individuality. If conformity was something you cared about, you wouldn't be buying a P40 Pro, much less P40 Pro skins. Instead, you choose to stand out like a sore thumb. We'll supply the hammer. It starts with the wide variety of available P40 Pro wrap materials - you can check them all out in our build-it-yourself P40 Pro skin customizer at the top of the page. You can even get a different P40 Pro skin for the camera to exponentially increase the customization opportunities. Whether you're going for a "militant citrus" look with Black Camo and Yellow Carbon, getting all hexagon aficionado with Black Matrix and Black Swarm, or pretending you can evade the all-seeing eye of China with Green Camo P40 Pro skins, you're sure to find the combination that will show the world just how strange you truly are.

Our Mission

You're ready to buy some P40 Pro skins, to turn in your Huawei Superfan badge and become a dbrand Superfan instead. That's a great decision - for one, we're not banned in the USA... yet. Still, there are a few things you need to do before we can consider this a done deal. The first, naturally, is adding some P40 Pro skins to your cart. Then, you make a choice: do you want free tracked shipping? If so, make sure you're ordering over $25 in P40 Pro wraps. Once your order is placed, you'll need to be patient... but not too patient, as our fulfillment robots work with lightning speed to make sure you get your P40 Pro skins in record time. Once you've received your P40 Pro skins, you'll understand what all the hype is about. When you finally give up the ghost and buy a non-Huawei, you'll make sure the phone is supported by dbrand. In a bizarre twist of fate, you'll find yourself conforming to the most unexpected cult of all: the cult of dbrand. It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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