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Pixel 4a Grip Case

You're on the wrong page.

Whatever you were thinking of buying, don't.

There's a better place to put your money. Specifically, our limited edition collaboration with MKBHD, available now for Pixel 4a.

Click the button below to get yours. You won't regret it.

Pixel 4a

Grip Case

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Military Protection, Minimalist Design.

The dbrand Grip™ Pixel 4a case is engineered using advanced shock-absorbing polymers, giving you military-grade impact protection without sacrificing aesthetics.

Engineered To Perfection

  • Revolutionary Grip

    Our exclusive grippy material ensures the Grip™ stays exactly where it belongs: in your hand.

  • Ultra-Low Profile

    Who said protection has to add bulk? At just 2mm thin, you'll barely even know the Grip™ is there.

  • Tactile Buttons

    Buttons are meant to be clicky. Our springy polymer doesn't just retain button tactility – it improves it.

Customize Your Grip

Our array of premium 3M skins enable you to customize your Grip™ like no other phone case on the planet.

Simply align the skin on the back of your Grip™ and press down to secure it in place. Customization has never been this easy.

Save Your Screen

For 360° protection, pair your Grip™ with the impact-resistant glass-hybrid Prism™ screen protector.

Take it to the Edge.

As screen sizes grow and phone bezels continue to shrink, traditional phone case designs make accessing the edge of your screen nearly impossible.

Our trademarked Crescent Arc™ design lowers the raised edges to allow for unparalleled accessibility, all while exceeding military-grade standards for face-down impact protection.