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iMac 24" Skins & Wraps (2021)


Premium Materials

Tim Cook once said, "An iMac customer can have bezels in any color that they want, so long as they're white." Baffled by this declaration, Apple's product designers had no choice but to make it a reality with the iMac 24" (2021). White display bezels, a huge chin, and an off-color stand combine forces to create a profoundly ugly 24" iMac that nobody's happy with... except for us. After all, we have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize with our new 2021 iMac skins: made using the same high-quality 3M vinyl that you associate with dbrand. This premium material offers a whole lot more than the black iMac bezels you've been wishing for: our 24" iMac skins also boast unmatched scratch protection, superior fingerprint resistance, and a patented adhesive that guarantees no gluey residue upon removal. Of course, none of that matters when you're really just buying iMac skins to fix the bezels. Checkmate, Tim. Oh - and we'd also like to take this opportunity to note that absolutely zero credit for this product goes to the Twitter asshole @InternalStore.

Unrivaled Precision

In terms of perfectly fitting iMac skins, making a black iMac bezel is easy. We like "easy": it usually means that we make more money. When it comes to making the 2021 iMac less ugly, "easy" isn't going to cut it. That's why we're also producing full-coverage iMac (2021) skins: the kind that wrap around every square inch... except, of course, for your iMac's 24" display. Not only will this revolutionary 2021 iMac skin option fix the off-color iMac stand, it will also make us considerably more money. You're probably thinking that producing a full-coverage iMac wrap sounds like a challenge. You forget who you're dealing with. Since 2011, dbrand has honed the art of precision-cut vinyl down to a science. As of this writing, all of that science is now being poured into a giant vat that says "full-coverage iMac skins." Once you see the vat's contents for yourself, you'll know why we trademarked the phrase: the most precise fit on earth.™

Unlimited Customization

Normally, we'd use this paragraph to tell you about how many different colors, textures, and flavors of 24" iMac skin you can get. You'd read about our Concrete iMac skins, paired with a funny anecdote about sidewalks. You'd chuckle when we likened our Black Camo iMac skins to covert CIA black ops. Perhaps you'd even be a little bit baffled about why we'd ever suggest Matte White 2021 iMac skins, failing to realize that the suggestion is purely ironic. This time, none of that matters, because those options do not exist. You want black iMac skins. That's all we're going to sell. You'll find them at the top of this page in our build-it-yourself iMac skin customizer. You have the option of buying iMac bezel skins, a complete front skin, or a full-body iMac wrap. Pick one, and boom: black iMac skins. Wasn't that easy? See you at checkout.

Our Mission

Before you complete checkout, we should set your expectations appropriately. You've already heard about our top-shelf materials, unmatched precision, and uncharacteristic lack of iMac skin variety. What should you expect once you've actually bought your 24" iMac wraps? How about fast, free shipping on orders over $25? Well, good news: thanks to our exorbitant prices, you qualify by default. Once your package arrives at your door, you can count on a flawless application of your iMac skins thanks to our easily-digested tutorial videos. Once you've finished skinning your iMac, the all-seeing-eye of dbrand will inevitably find your social media posts, directing more Twitter engagements your way than you've ever received in your miserable life. Consider your expectations set: Buy iMac skins, then understand what we mean when saying... dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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