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AirPower Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

When Apple cancelled the AirPower, we were devastated. Not because we care about wirelessly overheating multiple devices at once, but because there was simply too much money that would never get spent on AirPower skins. That's when we asked an important question: "Should the cancellation of AirPower stop us from selling skins?" Of course not - we can't let small details get in the way of us making money. Available now are the world's most premium AirPower skins. Stick them on your coffee table to spark conversations around your irresponsible purchase decisions. Put them on your floor vents for affordable climate control. Better yet - cover up any wall outlet to instantly make it 100% wireless. Whatever you decide, rest assured that the dbrand AirPower skins you wasted $4.01 on use only the most premium 3M materials on earth.

Unrivaled Precision

Because the AirPower never got launched, you'll never truly get to experience the legendary precision of our AirPower skins. Instead, what you can do is buy a couple of them, grab a pair of scissors, and try to make your own half-baked trackpad skin. Maybe about 30 minutes into cutting your homemade monstrosity, you'll find it's not so easy. Maybe next time you buy a dbrand skin and it's fitted perfectly down to the hundredth of a millimeter, you'll show a little more respect.

Unlimited Customization

With our AirPower skins, customization is limited only by your imagination (also, the 7.55" x 4.19" dimensions). From White Marble to Black Dragon, Concrete to Carbon Fiber, even Mahogany and Bamboo - if you've got $4.01, we've got the right material to turn an adhesive-backed, oval-shaped piece of vinyl into your wildest dream. Stick it on the last page of a book you haven't finished to ruin the ending. Put it on your prescription glasses and spend the day pretending you're a star in Bird Box. Wrap it around your vape to really exhibit how cultured you aren't. In fact, go ahead and buy 98,179 of them so that we can turn your reckless spending habits into a new Lamborghini Aventador.

Our Mission

With AirPower skins, our mission is simple: take your money by any means possible. Selling accessories for a product that doesn't exist? Check. Taking advantage of the most notable Apple flop in history? Done. Hitting peak capitalism by monetizing April Fools' Day - largely considered to be the last remaining non-commercial holiday? You betcha. The time has come to make a decision: are you going to be the loser who missed out on AirPower skins, or are you going to spend $4.01 on a piece of history? Your wallet knows the answer. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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