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Apple AirPods 2 Skins & Wraps (No Wireless Charging)


Premium Materials

Let’s be honest: if you dished out the cash for the 2nd Generation AirPods (the ones without wireless charging), only the best will do. That’s why you’re here at dbrand. What makes us the unrivaled industry leader in precision-fitted vinyl skins? Beyond the countless prototypes we go through before arriving at a flawless fit, the reality is that dbrand is the only AirPod skin manufacturer on the planet to use exclusively 3M vinyl. What does this mean? Not only will our 2nd Generation AirPods skins protect your device from scratches and oily fingerprints, they’re guaranteed to come off without leaving any adhesive residue behind. Your choice of true-textured authentic 3M vinyl includes materials that are exclusive to dbrand, like Black Swarm and Red Dragon – unique materials which are designed to add substantial grip to your AirPods case. This exclusivity is made possible thanks to the massive buying power that we’ve built with 3M. Apple AirPod skins from dbrand: precision cut, premium vinyl, guaranteed to protect your device from scratches and annihilate fingerprints.

Unrivaled Precision

At dbrand, precision isn't some empty marketing term. It's the only thing we know. You chose the 2nd Generation AirPods because of Apple’s reputation for delivering an immaculate level of engineering - it’s only right that you put on a dbrand AirPod skin to match that precision. Since 2011, our tried-and-tested proprietary prototyping process has been painstakingly refined to guarantee a flawless fit for your AirPod case skin. We don't stop testing and measuring until your Apple AirPods skin has achieved perfection. It's the reason our precision is the stuff of legends. The most precise fit on earth™: it’s trademarked with good reason.

Unlimited Customization

When you buy something, it's only right that you should know exactly what it looks like. That's why we developed the most advanced Apple AirPod skin customization tool on the planet. Go ahead - take a few minutes to check out our AirPods case skin customizer... we'll wait here. Back already? Not only do we offer a true-to-life preview of exactly how your AirPods skin will look once customized by dbrand, we also take the highest quality product photography in the game. From the multi-weave Black Carbon Fiber to the seemingly invisible Black Camo - even Mahogany and White Marble, dbrand has the Apple AirPod skin you've been dreaming of. Customizing your 2nd Generation AirPods case has never been this easy (or fun).

Our Mission

Legendary precision. World-class materials. Unlimited customization. What more could we possibly offer? Oh, that's right - a flawless customer experience. Once you’re done customizing your 2nd Generation Apple AirPods skin, you can check out using our secure payment gateway - no hidden fees or taxes anywhere. If that isn’t enough, how about the fact that we offer free global shipping on all orders over $25? Need your order overnight? Select our affordable FedEx Express for the fastest delivery in the industry. Once your order arrives, you’ll be pleased to learn that you’re not alone in the application process. Check out our world-class installation tutorial video to see how easy it is to apply your dbrand AirPods case skin. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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