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Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

Like a plague of locusts, Apple’s 18W USB-C Adapters have invaded your home. dbrand is here to turn a profit on that infestation. You’ve already skinned all of your useful devices, but these things have been laying around for years - inside drawers, behind dressers, under couches, and on top of your old iPhone collection. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 18W USB-C Adapter skins are a no-brainer - but we hired one anyways. She needs to get paid somehow - that’s where you come in. Our Apple 18W Charger skins are made from premium 3M vinyl, ensuring that you’re not just buying a gimmick - you’re buying an incredibly well-made gimmick. Don’t want to gunk up that white plastic? The patented adhesive on every 18W Apple Charger skin means adhesive goo is like the AirPower - nonexistent. You've got eight hundred chargers to skin. Get to work.

Unrivaled Precision

What do you get when you buy an Apple 18W Charger skin from dbrand? Only the most precisely-fitting skin on the planet. It took countless hours to craft perfectly-fitting Apple 18W Charger skins - at least as many hours as a full battery charge. Did you know that the most complex shape is the rectangular prism? It’s true - and don't get us started on the rounded corners. Now imagine adding little metal prongs on top of that. Does your brain hurt yet? How about this: we’ve even cut out a hole for the USB-C input. Now that’s precise. You might be thinking, "That doesn’t sound that difficult." That’s why you’re not the world’s leading Apple 18W Charger skin manufacturer. We are. It says so right in this phrase we trademarked: "the most precise fit on earth™".

Unlimited Customization

You’re sold on our precision and quality in the realm of Apple 18W Charger skins. Now, you just need to settle on a color that’s not white. No problem, dbrand has a ton of different materials ready for you to customize your charger however you want. Need to make sure your iPhone and iPod chargers are kept separate? Makes sense. Grab Mahogany to show your friends you mean business. Get Bamboo to show your colleagues that you're impossible to take seriously. Scroll up and browse through our cutting-edge customization tool to your heart’s content. What was once a desert of bland white cubes can be transformed into your own personal art installation. What’s that, you hate the feeling of glossy plastic? We agree. Struggle with the USB-C cord in style with Black Swarm, Bulletproof Banana, or Red Dragon. You don’t need to buy a new iPhone to get a fresh looking 18W charger. Just give us your money. We'll all feel better.

Our Mission

So you’ve picked out your perfect combination of Apple 18W Charger skins. The final eight hundred pieces of your dbranded collection are within your grasp. You need it as quick as possible. Good thing all of our shipping options are lightning fast. Plus, with free tracked shipping over $25, you can keep tabs on your purchase every step of the way. If you need even more speed, choose FedEx expedited shipping at checkout. You're an Apple customer - we both know how much you like to spend extra money. From there, our helpful tutorial videos and world-class customer service will put AppleCare to shame for a fraction of the price - and that's saying something. dbrand: it’s not a product, it’s a culture.™

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