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Razer Blade Skins & Wraps

dbrand offers a wide selection of Razer Blade 15 skins, GTX 1060 14-inch Razer Blade skins, 12.5" Razer Blade Stealth skins, as well as 13.3" Blade Stealth Skins and GTX 970M 14-inch Razer Blade skins. Check out our infamous virtual Razer Blade skin customizer - your laptop will never be the same.

You've got one of the most unique laptops on the planet: A Razer Blade. With its Matte Black finish and gaming-focused hardware, the Razer Blade and Razer Blade Stealth are the antithesis of MacBooks. The only drawback – the finish on Razer Blades are extremely prone to fingerprints and scratching. dbrand is here to save you. Select from the dozens of textured Razer Blade 15.6" skins, from Carbon Fiber to Matte Black, and scratch-proof your Razer for good. Not only do our 14-inch GTX 970M 14-inch Razer Blade skins and GTX 1060 Razer Blade skins offer the most precise fit on earth, they're also the easiest to apply thanks to our world-class application tutorial videos. Select your Razer Blade model to visit our fully interactive skin builder.
Take a second to think about how much time your Razer Blade Stealth spends in your bag, vulnerable to scratches from all the unknowns that get tossed in there. Obviously you don't want to put a case on your Razer – it'd add to much bulk and ruin the fantastic design. Putting a dbrand skin on your 14-inch Razer Blade or 12.5" Razer Blade Stealth guarantees peace of mind. Just toss it in your bag and forget it – you're fully protected from scratches with a dbrand Razer Blade skin.