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OnePlus Screen Protectors

The dbrand Prism™ is the most durable OnePlus screen protector on the market. We've even tested it with a hammer. Buy a OnePlus 6T screen protector, OnePlus 6 screen protector, or OnePlus 7 screen protector today. You can add "destroying a phone screen" to the long list of things you're completely incapable of doing.

You bought a OnePlus because you knew you could do better than the big names that everyone knows. You need a screen protector to match. That's why dbrand developed our revolutionary dual-layer screen protector, the Prism™. Our OnePlus 6T screen protector will protect your screen against more than just drops or scratches; you can consider your phone hammer-proof with a Prism™. We've tested it. Pairing a shatter-proof impact-resistant layer of polymer film with the highest-quality tempered glass in the world, the Prism™ is the OnePlus 6 screen protector you never knew you needed - until now.

Best-in-class durability for a OnePlus 7 screen protector will only get us so far if nobody can install it. Good thing the installation process is so easy, even you can do it. The key to this process is the Stabilizer™ alignment tool, which we've developed to plug directly into your phone for a flawless installation. Once lined up, all you've got to do is smooth it out and let our nano-adhesive material handle the rest. Your Prism™ is guaranteed to install bubble-free. Even if you manage to screw up this foolproof installation process, we include two with every order. Maybe you'll be less of a fool on your second try. The dbrand Prism™: impact proof, idiot proof.