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LG V20 MKBHD Carbon 3-Pack

LG V20 Carbon 3-Pack

MKBHD Series

$26.85 $19.95 + worldwide shipping
Includes three back skins:
  • Black Carbon
  • White Carbon
  • Red Carbon
  • Black Carbon
  • White Carbon
  • Red Carbon
Full dbrand customization available.
  • About MKBHD

    About MKBHD

    A.K.A. Marques Brownlee

    If you're here, chances are you already know him. Marques Brownlee, the prodigy better known as MKBHD, is host to the largest tech channel on YouTube. At just 22 years old, MKBHD has already amassed over 4 million subscribers to his channel and shows no signs of slowing down. He's been named the best technology reviewer on the planet by Vic Gundotra, the former SVP of Social for Google, ranked among the Top 5 Digital Star #Famechangers by, and hailed as a Gadget God by Fast Company.

    MKBHD is a strong supporter of vinyl skins. In his own words, they tend to improve the feel in the hand. With dbrand carbon fiber skins, made using only the highest grade authentic 3M vinyl, your phone will never feel the same. Each carbon weave has textured micro-ridges which are designed to add substantial grip to your device without adding any bulk.

  • What's Included

    Included in this Pack

    Carbon Fiber Collection

    Each LG V20 Carbon Fiber 3-Pack includes authentic, textured 3M carbon fiber skins in MKBHD’s signature colors: black and red. To complete the carbon collection, we’ve thrown in a matching white carbon fiber skin. Furthermore, the skins are tailored specifically to MKBHD’s usage, meaning you’re getting the exact same setup Marques uses on his own device. For the LG V20, it's a back skin designed to cover only the middle back of the device - adding grip where it's needed most, introducing a unique aesthetic, and offering a super simple installation.

  • dbrand

    dbrand Guarantees

    Quality Meets Precision

    As you can see from the photos, our reputation for the most precise fit on earth is no joke. We meticulously measure each of the cutouts on our skins over a thousand times, down to the hundredth of a millimeter. Our portfolio-wide use of only the highest grade 3M Carbon Fiber vinyl means you can be confident in every facet of the skin from the genuine texture to the guarantee of no adhesive residue upon removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ship to my country?

    Probably. Check out the shipping information page for all the details about our tracked shipping and whether we deliver to your country.

  • Is there a discount? How much?

    Indeed there is. Every LG V20 Carbon Fiber 3-Pack is just $19.95. You know… like those “As Seen On TV” commercials. “ONLY $19.95!!!” Except for this time, the product you’re getting is awesome. Three V20 carbon fiber back skins are regularly priced at $26.85, which means you’re saving $6.90! Trust us, we did the math.

    So… to summarize: Yes, there is a discount.

  • Will the skin leave any adhesive upon removal?

    Absolutely not. The genuine 3M material we use is guaranteed to leave no sticky mess on your device once you decide to take it off.

  • Are the skins difficult to apply?

    Not at all! We produce easy to follow tutorial videos for every device in our portfolio. They offer detailed instructions on how to apply your skin. You can find the tutorial video for your LG V20 here.

  • Can I still use a case on top of the skin?

    Honestly not sure why you'd want to, but yes... you can. Our skins measure in at just 0.23mm thick, meaning they're thin enough to fit under any case.

  • Is dbrand actually run by Robots?