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Get a Grip™

Military protection. Minimalist design.

Gaze into our crystal ball: you're a week into owning a OnePlus 7 Pro. Time slows to a crawl as you watch $669 of glass and metal soar tragically through the air. In a few seconds, once gravity meets the cold reality of the concrete ground, you'll have lost four cameras, a 90hz display, two paychecks, and most of your self worth. Countless strangers gawk judgmentally at your blunder. Your pride will never recover from this. The worst moment of your entire life lasts an eternity as your OnePlus 7 Pro falls for the last time. You remember every other phone that's slipped from your wildly-incapable hands. A OnePlus 6 drowned in your toilet. Your iPhone? More sewage than silicon when you were through with it. It always ends like this, doesn’t it? Sadness. Despair. Regret. The world's fastest phone shatters as it hits the ground. You shatter alongside it. You conjure up the first sensible thought you’ve ever had: “I knew I should have gotten a Grip.” There's still time.

Galaxy S10e, S10 & S10 Plus Skins

Ultrasonic fingerprint on the front. Zero fingerprints on the back.

You just dropped a thousand dollars on Samsung's new flagship. You feel special. You're a snowflake. You go to work. You notice that Toby just got the S10 Plus. You hate Toby. You clutch your S10 Plus tightly as an uneasy feeling emerges from your stomach. Toby approaches you in that creepy way he does. He's out of battery. He tries to wireless powershare. The disgusting grime from the back of Toby's S10 Plus melds with the pristine back that you've been working so hard to keep spotless. You go home, absolutely dejected. You hate that Toby has the same phone as you. You hate having to carry around a dozen microfiber cloths to keep your phone clean. You consider switching to iOS. Later that night, while going down a YouTube spiral of S10 Plus reviews, you discover dbrand. You customize your phone with an S10 Plus skin and leave both Toby and that uncleanable glass back in your rear-view. You come in the next day. Toby is green with envy. He quits. This is it. With the glory of dbrand, you've finally defeated him.

iPad Pro Skins & Apple Pencil Skins

Sharpening your pencil just got a lot more expensive.

Allow us to paint you a picture. You just got a brand new 2018 iPad Pro. You're headed over to Starbucks in an attempt to relieve your writer's block (or show the world that you're a writer, whatever floats your pretentious boat). You mindlessly stir your Tall Americano - black, because you're a bitter human being. As you lift your stir stick out of an $8 paper cup filled with liquid, caffeinated droplets darker than your soul land on the back of your pristine iPad. You go into a full-blown panic, aggressively trying to scrub the coffee residue off an Apple that cost you four paychecks. In the process, you somehow manage to scratch it. Within the span of two minutes, you went from being on (i)Cloud Nine to questioning why anyone let you have hands. Save yourself a trip to the therapist and buy an iPad Pro 11-inch skin or 3rd Gen 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch skin. Now. Do it now.

OnePlus 6T Skins

Never Settle.

As we patiently wait for the apocalyptic event that will wipe out all of humanity, we've taken on a side project... ensuring that every single OnePlus 6T on the planet is covered with a dbrand skin. You're our next victim. Does it help that our OnePlus 6T skins eliminate fingerprints and add grip, all without bulk? Sure - but don't think about that. Just focus on the impending apocalypse and helping us make good on that side project.

Galaxy Note 9 Skins

Lose the fingerprints.

The Galaxy Note 9: a modern marvel of engineering... or a glass canvas for fingerprints and grime? Unfortunately, Samsung's new flagship checks both boxes. That's where our legendary Galaxy Note 9 skins come in. Pick up a Note 9 skin to customize the look of your device and gain peace of mind against scuffs and scratches.

iPhone XR Skins

Six color options? Not enough.

The iPhone XR is an affordable Apple flagship with a premium glass-back design. You know what that means... scratches, smudges galore. Don't worry - dbrand iPhone XR skins are here to solve all your problems. Apple may have launched a handful of new color options, but let's face it: none of them are Black Camo.

Pixel 3 XL Skins

Return of the Panda.

Google's latest flagship is here and it's more fragile than ever. The new matte glass finish might shy away ever so slightly from fingerprints, but it's an absolute magnet for easy scratches. Is there a better, thinner way to protect it than with a dbrand Pixel 3 skin or Pixel 3 XL skin? No. The answer you were looking for is "no". With a precision fit that's tighter than OJ's glove, there is no alternative to dbrand. Give us money.

Razer Phone 2 Skins

RGB all the things.

Razer finally did it. They built their legendary Chroma RGB into the logo on the Razer Phone 2. Obnoxious? Maybe. Unnecessary? Perhaps. Excessive? Absolutely. You don't care though. You just want RGB. Pair your colored logo with a colored skin for the ultimate in customization. Your phone looks dope. We make money. Win-win, right? Oh... and our Razer Phone 2 skins also do a great job of hiding your disgusting fingerprints. Buy something.

MacBook skins

Nintendo Switch Skins

The hype is real.

Through an extensive 1-year research and development project with 3M, we've finally cracked the formula for the world's best Nintendo Switch skin. Guaranteed to leave no damage or adhesive residue on your Switch, dbrand skins are the only trusted place to get custom JoyCon skins and Switch Pro Controller skins. Oh - and did we mention we're also offering Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass? That's right - only $12.95 for a two-pack of premium dbrand tempered glass. Come see what all the hype is about.

OnePlus 6 Skins

Flawless precision.

You chose a OnePlus 6 because you never settle. You're here at dbrand for the same reason. Our OnePlus 6 skins are engineered to give you a factory-fitted aesthetic and maximum customization - even down to the OnePlus 6 logo inserts. Add some texture, grip, and customization to your flagship killer - all without adding any bulk.

Pixel 2 XL Skins

Unlimited Customization.

You just got your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. What's the first thing you do? Customize it, of course. For years now, there's only been one name in Pixel skin customization: dbrand. Click through to see how your new device could look with a dbrand Pixel 2 skin or Pixel 2 XL skin.

MacBook Pro Skins

Quit worrying about scratches.

You and almost everyone you know owns a MacBook. They're engineering masterpieces, but they all look the exact same. We're here to change that with our no-bulk, factory-fitted MacBook skins. Available in everything from Marble to Matte Black, Carbon Fiber to Concrete, from the newest MacBook Pro 15 skins to MacBook Pro 13 skins - you'll be sure to find something to lighten up your wallet.

iPhone X Skins

Absolute perfection.

You just got an iPhone X and you're quickly learning two harsh realities: it's extremely slippery and it's an absolute fingerprint magnet. Enter: dbrand. Our iPhone X skins are designed to eliminate fingerprints, add some grip, and prevent scratches - all without adding any bulk. Click through to see what all the hype is about.

Galaxy Note 8 & S9 Skins

Goodbye, fingerprints.

Let's face it: Samsung's line of Galaxy flagships are absolute fingerprint magnets. Relax - that's where we come in. Throw on a precision-fitted dbrand Galaxy S9 Plus skin or Note 8 skin and you'll never look back.

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Skins

Give us your money.™

The iPhone 8. A glass body masterpiece from Apple. Worst part about it? All the fingerprints. That's where we come in. Grab one of our factory-fitted iPhone 8 skins or iPhone 8 Plus skins and say goodbye to fingerprints forever. Oh, and before you ask - our skins are guaranteed to not interfere with wireless charging.

Dell XPS Skins

Factory-fitted customization.

You've never seen an online shop like the one you're about to experience. Our interactive Dell XPS 15 9570 skin customizer allows you to preview exactly how it will look with a custom dbrand skin. Just select the area you want to customize, pick from our wide range of textured 3M skins, and our world-class customizer will give you a real-time preview of exactly how your Dell XPS 13 9370 skin or XPS 15 9560 skin will look once customized by dbrand.

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Skins

Get a grip.

There's a reason you know our name. Not only do we offer the most precise fit on earth for both our iPhone 7 skins and iPhone 7 Plus skins, but we put the power of unlimited customization at your fingertips. Transform your iPhone from 'slip' to 'grip' with a dbrand skin.

Razer Blade Skins

For Gamers. By dbrand.

You've got the most unique portable rig on the planet: A Razer Blade. With its matte black finish and gaming-focused hardware, the Razer Blade and Blade Stealth are the antithesis of MacBooks. The only drawback? That fingerprint-magnet, scratch-prone black anodized finish. Throw on any one of our Razer Blade skins or Blade Stealth 13.3 skins - from Matte Black to Black Camo - and scratch-proof it for good.

Xbox and PS4 Skins

Ragequit in style.

Fact: The console under your TV right now is hidden away in shame. Collecting dust. You guessed it - this is where dbrand comes in. With our one-of-a-kind build it yourself skin customizer, you can build your own custom Xbox One, Xbox One S skins, or PS4 skins to turn your console into a trophy piece. Click through to start customizing.

Alienware Skins

Goodbye, greasy palmrests.

What's the #1 thing you hate about your Alienware? Don't bother answering - we already know. It's the greasy palmrests. Don't worry... you're not alone. While we can't relate to the idea of getting your disgusting human hand oils all over the matte black palmrest, we're happy to fix the problem and take your money with our precision-fitted Alienware palmrest skins. With support for both Alienware 15 R4 skins, Alienware 15 R3 skins, and Alienware 13 R3 skins, dbrand has you covered.

UNLIMITED CUSTOMIZATION come see what all the hype is about

Unrivaled Precision meets Authentic 3M Materials