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HTC Skins, Wraps & Decals

dbrand offers a wide selection of HTC 10 skins, as well as skins for the HTC One M9, M8, and M7. Select your device to visit our infamous build it yourself customizer. Your device will never be the same.

HTC One skins. You could have gone anywhere to get them, but you're here for a reason. Maybe it was because our HTC One M9 skins were recommended by UnboxTherapy, MKBHD, LinusTechTips, and many more AAA influencers. Maybe it's because you're an avid follower of our infamous Twitter page and saw a wicked snapshot of an HTC 10 skin. At the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that you know the truth: only dbrand makes the highest grade texture, most precisely fitted HTC skins on the planet. Is the hype real? Pick up an M7, M8, M9, or HTC 10 skin today to find out.
HTC has some of the highest build quality devices on the market. There's no denying it. With that being said, they're admittedly a bit slippery. Luckily, dbrand is here to solve all your problems. Our skins add a ton of grip without any of the bulk. Our world famous 'build it yourself' customization interface offers millions of possible looks for your device. This is the part where you stop reading. Go customize your HTC 10 with a skin today.